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Dr. Fletemeyer’s research appears in over 100  journals, reports and magazines.  In addition Dr. Fletemeyer has served as the editor and author of two books.  John is currently working at his third book, entitled “Principles of Aquatic Law.

John served for five years the editorial helm of Ocean lifeguard Magazine and is the one of the authors of the YMCA’s , “On the Guard II” training videos. In addition, Dr. Fletemyer has several training and education programs including,

  • The Sliver Dolphin Program (Award winning, “Best in Children’s Programming”)
  • Spinal management in aquatic environments training program
  • Water rescue training for public safety officers program
  • United States Border Patrol water rescue and safety program (also published in a Spanish version).

Dr. Fletemeyer has been contracted to develop professional business plans and economic projections for aquatic facilities . He also has been contracted to perform a performance audit and evaluation of the Chicago, Illinois parks and recreation department.

Recent Publication

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